Grips for Dan Wesson firearms, personalized handmade custom


Order a unique personalised 3D wood custom handgun pistol grips for Dan Wesson firearms. The carved from natural-wood grips with individual design will stand out among the total mass of identical accessories.

Wood is a noble, beautiful, warm and pleasant material. Your photo, carved in a tree, is a truly unusual gift.

– Beautiful, unique, stylish
– Your personal design
– Emphasizes your taste
– Thin and light
– The second such no one has

• Material: Natural wood

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Production time & shipping
Supported firearm models list

Attention! The price is indicated for two wood grips.

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Product Description

Your personal unique Dan Wesson firearm design

Order a unique 3D wood custom handgun pistol grips with your design for the Dan Wesson firearms is very easy. Only three points and you have on hand a real exclusive, made in a single copy.

A bit of automation and a lot of handwork

To create a grips for the Dan Wesson firearms, we go through several stages, including roughing and finishing work. Our designers will draw a 3D image on a simple photo or picture. After that, the master of wood enters into the work. The cut tree also undergoes several processing steps. Removed soft fleecy fibers and the surface is polished. On the wooden blank a layer of stains is applied to give contrasting details. Drying … After that, several layers of varnish are used to protect the tree. It is again dried … Now custom handgun pistol grips for Dan Wesson firearms with individual design is ready!

Dan Wesson firearms supported models

Dan Wesson 50 Anniversary
Dan Wesson A2
Dan Wesson A2 Commander
Dan Wesson A2 Parkerized
Dan Wesson Bruin
Dan Wesson Commander Classic Bobtail
Dan Wesson Discretion
Dan Wesson Discretion Commander
Dan Wesson ECO
Dan Wesson ECO OD Green
Dan Wesson ECP
Dan Wesson Elite Series Chaos
Dan Wesson Elite Series Fury
Dan Wesson Elite Series Havoc
Dan Wesson Elite Series Mayhem
Dan Wesson Elite Series Titan
Dan Wesson Guardian
Dan Wesson Heritage RZ-45
Dan Wesson Pointman 38 PM-38
Dan Wesson Pointman 45 PM-45
Dan Wesson Pointman Carry PM-C
Dan Wesson Pointman Nine PM-9
Dan Wesson Pointman Seven PM-7
Dan Wesson Razorback RZ-10
Dan Wesson Specialist
Dan Wesson Specialist Black
Dan Wesson Specialist Commander
Dan Wesson Specialist Commander Black
Dan Wesson Specialist Commander Distressed
Dan Wesson Specialist Distressed
Dan Wesson Specialist Stainless
Dan Wesson TCP
Dan Wesson Valkyrie
Dan Wesson Valor
Dan Wesson Valor Black
Dan Wesson Valor Commander
Dan Wesson Valor Commander Black
Dan Wesson Valor Commander Stainless
Dan Wesson Valor Stainless
Dan Wesson V-Bob
Dan Wesson V-Bob Black
Dan Wesson V-Bob Stainless
Dan Wesson Vigil
Dan Wesson Vigil CCO
Dan Wesson Vigil Commander
Dan Wesson Vigil Suppressor-Ready
Dan Wesson Wraith

11 months ago

Thank you so much! I will tell all my friends. The detail and texturing is amazing as is your prompt service. Good day to you my friend.

11 months ago

Itˋ very nice

11 months ago

Hi Vladimir,

Sorry for the delayed response. I received the package three days ago, just as you said. It is FANTASTIC! I loved it. You did a really good job on the picture, and I am very excited to give it to my wife!

Thank you so much!

11 months ago

Beautiful craftsmanship! I highly recommend 🙂