Production time

Wood phone cases

• 3-5 days after agreeing the order (If we have all the necessary components)

Our workshop have the largest list of supported devices. As the list is constantly replenished, we do not always have time to acquire the necessary bases for covers. Therefore, we have to contact the supplier directly. In this regard, the time of manufacturing one cover can increase to one month. But do not worry. Most of the materials we have on hand. Basically, this applies only to new phone models.

If the time of manufacturing the cover for the phone will be longer than the stated time (3-5 days), we warn about it in advance.

Wood headphone covers

• 3-5 days after agreeing the order

The manufacturing time is the same for one or two covers. Usually order a pair.

Shipping (FREE)

Local shipping in Russia

Courier delivery in Moscow (Delivery on the day of completion of the order)

Delivery by courier to the specified address within the city limits

Mail delivery service (5-7 days)

Delivery by transport company (1-3 days)

Local shipping in USA


Worldwide shipping

Standard delivery (10-18 days)

• Accelerated delivery (9-15 days)

This type of delivery is possible when making a group order more than ten items


We are working on reducing the time of delivery, so that our works get to you in the shortest time possible